Countdown to the end of 2020

Let the countdown begin

I’ve put together a little treat for you. Whether you want to explore a deeper yoga practice or understand a little about how I tick, I’d love you to be part of this. No mat, props, movement or even set postures are involved. This is accessible to anyone and everyone. It is an introduction to how yoga can support you OFF the mat, although you always have the choice of bringing any of this onto the mat too and I’ll give some options as we go along.

We’ll count through the days of December until the holiday and I will provide you with daily snippets of yoga that you can explore and maybe build into your day ahead.

To get the most out of this I ask that you check in on these post at the beginning of your day. This way if you chose to explore them further you have the whole day ahead to build them into your day. There is absolutely no pressure to run through every one of these so skip any you’re unsure of or maybe don’t feel comfortable with. You can contact me to ask me questions too. Keep in touch! Let me know how you get on and maybe give me a thumbs up if you think you’ll join in.

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