Countdown to the end of 2020


Here is something we do to a degree at the beginning of each class.  We make a subtle switch as we step onto our mat to prepare us for our time there. To immerse yourself in your practice, requires some letting go. The first area that we can let go of is the outside world so we can allow ourselves to wholly connect with our body and mind.      

This can be done any time, to enable you to become present, whether it is for a yoga class, a sit down with a cup of tea or any number of reasons where you may wish to come back to you.  The whole process of yoga will support further grounding.  We’ll take the first few steps here.  

Start by taking up a comfortable position.  Allow the sit bones to drop into whatever you’re sat on, and the spine to grow tall, shoulders dropping away from ears, with the crown of the head reaching upwards.  Close off the eyes if comfortable, or at least drop the gaze to reduce visual stimulation.  

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