Countdown to the end of 2020


We get a two in one day today.  Setting an intention and a mantra are different things but we’ll combine them today to see how they work together. Firstly, I invite you to find an intention. Something that you want to be more of. Just a little word of warning here. Please be very careful not to create something that might cause any negative thoughts later. Something that might bring feelings of failure, something you might not achieve. Let’s start small. This is only one day and you can set any number of intentions after this. My favourite two are to be more calm and present so my intention would be “I want to be more present” or “I want to feel calm”. You might want to feel more love or less pressure. 

Now let’s look at how you can build this intention into your day. We’ll take it and set it into a mantra, something very simple that you can remember and repeat. We’re going big on positivity here so we’ll start our mantra with “I am…”. My intention to be more present would become “I am here”. This would remind me to be more present throughout my day or during my practice on the mat. My intention for calmness would become “I am calm” to encourage a feeling of peace. The other options would become “I am loved” or “I am enough” because you are and you just needed a reminder throughout your day. Use your mantra today. Repeat it to yourself often. At the end of today, let it go because tomorrow is a new day and you can start over again.  

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