Countdown to the end of 2020

Thank you!

A HUGE THANK YOU for joining me this month. I’ve really enjoyed putting this together and sharing the non-mat related yoga. 

If you want to learn more about the Yamas and Niyamas that we dipped our toes into between days 2 and 13, they are from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. One of my favourite parts of the teacher training I did.

Be present, give yourself permission to spend time with you. You are the most important person in your life.

Now all that’s left for me to say is ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! Look after yourself and your family. xx

The table below will link to each of the days that we’ve covered this month.

15 minute for you – savasanaInvite silence and stillness
2The YamasAttitudes towards our environment
3Ahimsa – Non-ViolenceFind empathy and compassion
4Satya – TruthfulnessFind authenticity and be true to yourself
5Asteya – Non-StealingQuestion your needs and how you fulfil them
6Brahmacharya – ModerationEnjoy more of life by living it moderately
7Aparigraha – Non-HoardingLetting go to create freedom and energy
8The NiyamasAttitude towards ourself
9Saucha – PurityCleanliness of the mind and body
10Santosha – ContentmentAppreciate what you have right now
11Tapas – DisciplinePersistence and routine
12Svadhyaya – Self StudyObserve yourself
13Isvara-pranidhana – SurrenderSubmit to your higher power
14Gauge yourselfCheck in on yourself before others
15Body ScanConnect with yourself
16GroundingBecome present
18BreathBecome centred 
19Intention/MantraInvite positivity
20RestTake time out
21ReflectSearch for the good stuff

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