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The second of our Yamas is Satya or truth, to refrain from lying, eliminating exploitation and manipulation. 

Today, see if you can recognise instances of untruthfulness, not from others but yourself. This isn’t always in the form of speech but can also be how you adopt or portray yourself. Also, listen how you speak to yourself.  Find authenticity and be true to yourself.  

On the mat this can mean listening to your body as we did for Ahimsa yesterday.  Interpreting messages as they are meant, not manipulating them. For example, you feel discomfort in a part of your body.  Do you go ahead with a movement because that’s what you were able to achieve last time or do you adapt because today is a different day with different feelings and abilities?  

Countdown to the end of 2020

The Yamas

Attitude towards our environment

I hope you found your five minutes yesterday.

Over the following 5 days we will take a look at the Yamas. A set of five restrains that can also be thought of as ethical values which can help guide our interaction with the world. 

Before we start on the first one tomorrow, you might want to take today to observe yourself. As hard as it might be, try not to judge yourself. There is no guidance today, simply the invitation to be aware and observe yourself. No need to change anything, just notice.