Countdown to the end of 2020


If there is one thing to be grateful for today, make it your breath. At some point today, see if you can find time to connect with your breath. Spend a minute being aware of your breath, not changing it in any way, just feeling it entering the body and leaving. Maybe where it travels to in the body and where it leaves from. 

  • Focus on your inhales for 10 breaths.
  • Focus on your exhales for 10 breaths.
  • Focus on the u-bend, that moment where you end an inhale and you begin your exhale.

Think of your inhales as nourishing the body and your exhales as releasing, letting go. Let you belly be soft and take a full, nourishing inhale through your nostrils, filling up the body. Exhale fully and audibly out of your mouth, feeling a release.  Repeat as often as needed.  

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