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The second of our Yamas is Satya or truth, to refrain from lying, eliminating exploitation and manipulation. 

Today, see if you can recognise instances of untruthfulness, not from others but yourself. This isn’t always in the form of speech but can also be how you adopt or portray yourself. Also, listen how you speak to yourself.  Find authenticity and be true to yourself.  

On the mat this can mean listening to your body as we did for Ahimsa yesterday.  Interpreting messages as they are meant, not manipulating them. For example, you feel discomfort in a part of your body.  Do you go ahead with a movement because that’s what you were able to achieve last time or do you adapt because today is a different day with different feelings and abilities?  


Keep calm and yoga on

Classes will continue as usual this week. If anything changes, I will update you directly if you regularly attend one of my sessions or let me know that you’re coming. I have always tried to keep my house, props and mats spotless. Whether correct or not, I’ve reluctantly moved to more chemical filled products to do so. You’ve probably already noticed the smell. I’m still very happy to share mats and props. Although I am trying to reduce the need for any props with my class planning. I will also stop any physical assistance.   

I get a huge amount out of sharing my classes with you and feel passionately that yoga can help you find some inner peace amongst the uncertainty surrounding our daily lives. I plan to continue, unless advised otherwise. If you chose to avoid classes or for any reason cannot attend, please remind yourself of the pranayama we’ve practiced and take some time for yourself. Reach out to me if you would like any reminders.  

Sending love x


We’re going live!

I have a ridiculous amount to say but now isn’t the time. I’ve been faffing about with this website for hours and I’d quite happily continue but then nobody would ever see it.

I’m about to switch my website live and I’ll post more soon. In the meantime if you spot anything a bit dodgy on here, please do get in touch.